Brownciaga, Balenciaga Brownie

bale.jpgBrown Balenciaga Brownie. The new designer Demna Gvasalia, debuted with Balenciaga in the Pre-fall 2016 Collection. The feelings about this collection are a mixture of references. Are we watching the brand Balenciaga, ora an extension of Vetements? To suggest this is the use of the signature tigh-high boots and floral prints. 

How is Vetements changing Balenciaga?

Mr. Gvasalia says that he is not trying to change the label, but rather to channel the way Christopher Balenciaga saw women, pursuing a different king of beauty.

Looking through the picture, a brown total look reminded of my American’s days in Hopkinton eating brownie.

Let’s begin!

RECIPE for a backing tray 35×27 cm of brownie:

  • 265 gr of dark chocolate
  • 135 gr of butter
  • one pinch of think salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 135 gr of flour OO
  • 175 gr of peeled hazelnuts
  • 255 gr of sugar

Break the chocolate in little chunks and put them in a cup to heat for 2 minutes in the microwave (max power). Once it is melted, add the butter, previously cut in small pieces, in the mug. Keep mixing until you get a smooth liquid.

Meanwhile, heat the oven at 180° and toast the hazelnuts for 8 minutes. Once it is done, let them cool down and then cut them clumsily.

In another bowl start to beat the 4 eggs, adding little by little first the sugar and then the salt. Once the three ingredients merged together, start adding the chocolate-butter liquid.

Using a strainer, sift the flour and add it with the other ingredients (this time using a silicone spatula). Amalgamate everything and and the hazelnuts.

Pre-heat the oven at 180°. Grind the backing tray and pour the brownie mixture inside. Cook it for 25 minutes and, once it is done, let it cool down.

Cut the the browni 5×3 = 15 pieces of happiness to share with friends!

Check out the full collection on:


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