Valentino, red as a pepper

As his master Jacques Fath, Valentino Garavani‘s signature element is the color red.  The duo Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri never forgets to insert it in the collection. For the haute-couture F/W collection 2016, that celebrated the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, the silhouettes recalled the Elizabeth atmosphere, with puffed sleeves, white ruffs and clerical robes.  A particular garment got My attention. The voluminous silhouette with the ruffles and the bright color reminded my of a dish I always eat during summer: BELLY PEPPER FILLED WITH FETA CHEESE!
It a recipe from Greece, my second home, and I wanted to shore a little bit of me with you!

RECIPE for 1 small belly pepper:

PEPPER: Wash the belly pepper, then remove the upper part with a knife (do not throw it away, we will use it later to close the pepper!). Remove al the side from the inside, raise it and let it dry upside down.

FILLING: consider 50 gr of feta cheese per pepper, put it in a bowl and with a fork, start to smash it. Add some estra virgin olive oil (a small spoon every 100gr of feta cheese) and some fresh origano ( As much as you prefer). Keep stirring till you have a soft consistency.

  • Take the belly pepper, brush on the inside some extra virgin olive oil and fill it up with feta cheese. Close the it using the upper part of the pepper we cut at the beginning.
  • Use a baking dish and displace the pepper upright. Put it in the oven at 180° Celsius for about 15 minutes, untile the skin of the vegetable starts to wrinkle. Take it out and enjoy them while they are still hot!
I hope you liked this easy but tasty recipe from one of my favorite place in the world!

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