Growing up between recipes and dresses

kelly-sikkema-212376.jpgHello readerswelcome to FOODS MEATS FASHION.

Growing up with a mom and a grandma that are chefs, when I was little I have always found myself playing with pans, wooden spoon or metal lids, as they were my friends. I have spent many afternoons in the kitchen, watching my mom cooking and waiting for her to let me try one of her new recipes. I was her hardest critic.

I also enjoyed theatre, and since a really young age I started to act. In the backstage there had been my first face-to-face with dresses. I loved to see how a character did not need to be presented with words, but his personality could have been understood by the way he/she was dressed.

After high school, I chose a different pattern for my studying, deciding to attend Business of Fashion at a fashion institute in Florence: POLIMODA. I started to see fashion under a different light, getting more and more curious about it.

I still kept my passion for cooking, spending many time at the supermarket, choosing the perfect ingredients for the most creative recipes. I always ask for advices to my mom, who has passed me down the enthusiasm of cooking for my friends.

The reason why I have decided to open this blog is to blur the edges between these two worlds that I felt I was keeping apart from each other. I think that food and fashion are an universal language, that makes people dream, either with taste buds or with dresses, so I decide to create my personal wardrobe of recipes.

I created this blog to merge my two passions. If a dress was a food, which kind of taste would it have?

Entering the site is like walking into menu, in which garments, fabrics and accessories have been translated into recipes, divided by tastes and vice versa.

You will meet dishes from all over the world, recipes that my family have handed down for generations and interesting mixing of foods that I have found and tasted during my travels.



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